The 2023 Slot Machine Season’s Best Gems

Slot machines in casinos that include jewels, diamonds, and other similar symbols are referred to as “gems” slots. Games in this slot genre are perfect for those who adore spinning the reels and are inspired by dazzling symbols like glittering diamonds. On the other hand, some players find this theme overly simplistic and choose others.

While that’s subjective, there’s no denying that Play’n GO is the industry standard when it comes to designing slots using precious stones. To find out where you can play these games for free or real money, keep reading!

What Exactly Are Gem Slots?


In addition to their beauty and sparkle, gemstones are also thought to bring good fortune by many. In the end, stones are a universal symbol of wealth, so it’s no surprise that a whole slot theme is devoted to them.


Diamonds and other precious stones have been a staple of slot machines since the earliest mechanical machines first appeared in land-based casinos. These days, you may choose from dozens of titles where the gameplay is based on the idea of jewels, not just a few symbols.


Gems other than diamonds, such as rubies, opals, emeralds, and pearls, can be found in these slot machine games. Graphic designers aren’t afraid to employ bright colors, so wins with these gemstones often spark extravagant animations that show off the gems’ luster and beauty. But developers know that players are interested in more than just pretty pictures, so they provide hefty payouts for their gem slots.


The 2023 Slot Machines with the Best Gems

Because of their association with wealth and status, diamonds and other gems are frequently shown in slot machine games. Many programmers take on the difficulty of making a novel slot title, but which games truly stand out? We researched the options and identified the best gem-themed slot machines.


Gemix RTP Developer:

Winner Take All: Volatility

Spread 96.75%

Spin and Win 5000 Times Between 0.25 and 12.50

Play’n GO clearly put in a lot of time and effort to come up with a special slot machine based on jewels. In order to win on Gemix’s 7×7 grid, you must have at least five matching symbols on adjacent, either horizontal or vertical, spots. The maximum payout is 4,513.5 times your initial bet, and your bet size can range from 0.5 to 100.


Blue, light blue, purple, and green jewels are the standard icons, with payouts ranging from 0.1x to 30x for matching symbols. You can think of the high-paying symbols as gemstones, but they’re shaped like the sun, moon, heart, and stars.


The innovative gameplay concept is what sets Gemix apart as a playable gem slot. There are three distinct worlds in the game, and each has its own powerful Wild. The “1” in the top left corner of the screen indicates that you start in the Miner’s World. Some reel spots are highlighted in a lighter green color below the Spin button on the right. You can’t go to the next world without those winning symbols. The Princess’ World can be found on the second level, while the Wizard is the protagonist of the third.


Not content with that, Gemix additionally includes a Crystal Charge gauge. If you get 20 matching symbols, you’ll activate one of the following bonus rounds:


When a symbol explodes with Nova Blast, it causes all surrounding symbols to erupt and be changed.

Chain lighting illuminates a path between two corner symbols, transforming any illuminated symbol into one of the two corner symbols in the chain.

With the use of its light beam, a single symbol can alter the appearance of a number of unrelated symbols.

With Crystal Warp, the point at which matched symbols are warped is determined at random.

The Super Charge feature increases your winnings by a factor of 3 if you get 40 or more matching symbols in a single spin. As you can see, Gemix is packed to the gills with incredible extras, and you’ll have a blast playing it over and over again. That’s why, out of all the spaces devoted to precious stones, it’s the most popular.


The creator of the Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play RTP is:

Potential Payout: 94.3% (within the Volatility Bet Range)


Low 40 to High 8800 (25,000,000)

What could be more fun than just one slot machine? Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play allows you to play one slot game on two sets of reels. The slot machine from IGT appears to have a 5×6 grid, but it is actually composed of two sets of 5×3 configurations. There are a total of 40 paylines in the game, split up into two sets of 20. Your total bet can range from $40 to $80,000, with a bet of 1 to $2,000 per line. The round cap is set at $25,000,000.


Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are the slot’s lowest-paying icons, while other works by Da Vinci and the game’s emblem, including the Mona Lisa, are among the most. You’ll benefit from the tumbling reels feature, which eliminates the winning symbols and replaces them with new ones.


The standard Wild logo substitutes for all other symbols, while three or more Extra Paylines Bonus symbols on reels 1, 2, and 3 activate the Free Spins Bonus round. Six free spins are awarded, with an additional twenty paylines made available throughout the bonus round. With a cap of 300 possible respin triggers, the bonus round might potentially go on for quite some time.


Stones and Jewels

RTP Architect: Highest Payout/Highest Volatility

Odds of Winning 96%

Habanero 5000x Medium

0.10 to 100

With this slot, Endorphina keeps to the essentials of the gems theme, demonstrating effectively that often the simplest ideas are the most effective. The slot machine’s 5×3 grid and movable paylines make it a versatile option. You can choose both the number of paylines (from 1 to 10) and your wager (from 0.01 to 40) to suit your preferences. The maximum prize per round is set at 2,000x your bet, which is sure to please both casual gamers and big rollers looking to up the stakes.


Diamonds, rubies, and other gemstones are the game’s most valuable symbols, while the tens to the ace serve as low-value symbols. With three or more treasure boxes appearing, you’ll be awarded ten free games. A unique expanding symbol may be activated during the bonus round.


Also appealing to fans of vintage slot machines is the game’s inclusion of the Gamble feature. The visuals are bright and straightforward, and the accompanying sound effects do a good job of adding excitement to the proceedings.


Developer Return to Player Maximum Bet Volatility Starburst Slots 96.1%

NetEnt 250

Low 0.1 to 100

Starburst is likely NetEnt’s most-played game of all time and may be the most popular gem slot there is, therefore it may be on the top of the list. Because of its long history in the gambling industry, it is now considered a classic.However, the gameplay is quite straightforward. Starburst has ten fixed paylines and ten selectable betting levels, with coins ranging from a penny to a dollar. Low volatility means wins are more often but less spectacular. But if you hit the jackpot, you can win up to 50,000 coins in a single game!


Gems of various colors shine brightly in Starburst, with the purple, blue, orange, green, and yellow stones paying well but not as well as the 7s and BARs. Keep an eye out for the Wild, since it can fill a full reel and lead to up to three respin rounds.


Reel Gems: Developer: Highest Payout Percentage: Highest Risk

Spread 96.36%

Games Global purchased the rights to Microgaming’s 495x High 0.2 to 100 Reel Gems slot machine. Similar to an old favorite, but with some new twists. You can place a bet anywhere from 0.25 to 125, and there are 243 possible outcomes throughout the game’s 5×3 grid. If you get at least three identical symbols in a row, you win. The maximum payout for a single round is 495 times the player’s initial bet.


There are 12 standard icons to use throughout play. Diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones, not just card values, are what aficionados of this theme will appreciate most. Wild symbols (represented by the game’s emblem) appear exclusively on reels two and four. The fascinating element in Reel Gems is that you can re-spin any reel to try to win a prize. Each respin costs more, but you can re-spin a reel an unlimited number of times.


This slot has the standard Free Spins bonus round as well. Free games are triggered by landing at least three scatter symbols, and once inside, all prizes are multiplied by three, with the possibility to earn more free games.


Bonuses for Gem-Themed Slots With the exception of a few dated titles, bonus features within gems-themed slots have become nearly ubiquitous.


Features such as Wild symbols and multipliers are common, however specifics vary every game. Wilds are a type of special symbol that can be used in place of any other symbol, and in some games they can also be used to unlock bonus features or win rewards. Multipliers are a terrific way to increase your earnings, and they can multiply either your wager or your payout, depending on the slot machine.


You can also find slots with collapsible or expanding reels when playing for real money at gem-themed casinos. Some games also have charging meters that activate bonus rounds or offer the option to purchase the bonus feature.


Bonus Spins at No Cost

Gems-themed slots are no exception to the rule that the free spins bonus is the most prevalent additional option in slots. While not all slots feature extra spins, several popular games do, such as Reel Gems and Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play.


Free games are usually triggered by getting at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, however this varies from game to game. Landing between three and five scatters will trigger a certain amount of free games. The number of free spins you receive can range from three to twenty or more. For instance, in Reel Gems, if you get at least three scatters, not only do you get 15 free spins, but whatever money you earn during those spins will be multiplied by three. During the bonus spins, several games allow you to increase your total number of free spins by landing additional scatter symbols.


Concluding Remarks

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, thanks to Marilyn Monroe, but everyone loves gems-themed slots if we’re talking about online casinos. It’s likely that the shiny appearance of these items is what first draws players to this concept.


Once you explore the available games, you’ll find some genuine treasures amid the glittering slot machines. Games like Gemix and Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play stand out from the crowd because to their novel gameplay concepts and enticing bonus features. In the end, games based on jewels are a safe bet if you want to play slots with a traditional theme.


FAQs for Playing Gem-Themed Slot Machines

Check out our frequently asked questions and answers below if you still have concerns about slots with a gemstone theme.


Do gamblers enjoy games with a jewel theme?


Those who enjoy gambling at casinos and enjoy seeing symbols of wealth and luxury on the reels would likely enjoy a game with a gems theme.


How much do slots with jewels as a theme pay back?


Gems-themed slot machines typically have a return to player percentage of above 95%, though this varies from game to game and can be anywhere from 85% to 98%.


Are there any decent slot machine bonus offers for gems?


Gems slots are compatible with a wide variety of casino promotions, and the free spins and multipliers you can win while playing can be very alluring.

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