There are a few things people seem to feel very passionate about. Computer operating systems seems to be one of those subjects that people either agree on or passionately disagree. Whether you are looking for a new computer, or just want to engage in a computer debate here are some of the key differences between macs and pcs.

PCs are created by many different companies. There are Dell, HP, Lenovo, and perhaps hundreds of other brands. This means that there is competition in the PC world. They are all trying to gain business and know that the best way to do this is by having a good price point.

Macs on the other hand are created solely by Apple. This means that Apple has the corner on the company. They literally have no competition in the Mac department. This is reflected in their higher price points. Macs are more expensive but are also considered more durable and perhaps even more stylish.

Apple has done a great job of marketing Mac computers as we’ve illustrated on articles on our homepage They are seen as the different choice. They have made themselves seem like a more artistic selection. And while some of this might be advertising Macs do have a great platform for design and creativity. Macs have been found to be used mostly by home users, designers, by start-up companies, and in certain retail stores.

A PC is an excellent choice for everyday computer needs. They have a very easy to use system that lends itself well to all types of consumers. They are the more mainstream choice meaning their applications can transfer over to just about any other PC. They are used in homes, hospitals, banks, and by business owners.

Macs have a notoriously better security record than that of PCs. Windows has been aware of this problem and have taken steps to level the playing field.

The most obvious, difference between Macs and PCs are which operating system they use. Macs run on an OS X system and PCs run on Windows. They both run very efficiently and it seems like a lot of it is just personal preference.

PCs dominate the software market. While apple has grown their software library in the last few years it still does not even begin to compete with the PC’s.

A PC is also much more easily upgraded and customized than a Mac. PCs are built with more options mostly because they have been manufactured by so many brands. Macs have only been manufactured by Apple making their products more limited with less room to customize.

One area a Mac dominates in is speed. Macs can boot up in mere seconds. PCs have the reputation of having a very slow start up. Windows is aware of this problem and even tried to speed things up in their latest Windows 10.

When looking for a new computer make sure to clearly define your needs. This will help making the choice between Mac and PC much easier. Both systems are great choices.

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