Device Helps Woman Track Missing Cat All The Way To Mexico?

A *City* woman (Donna Grey) was devastated after her cat Macy went missing. She somehow escaped from her middle-class suburban home while she was away at work.

“I wasn’t too worried when I found out my cat had gone missing since I purchased a “cell-based GPS pet collar” for her but unfortunately, the device could not get a signal.”

Pet GPS’s are essentially like cellphones, some areas simply don’t have good coverage or if your pet happens to wander off to what’s known as a “dead zone”, it will have 0% coverage.

Dead zones ultimately mean the pet tracker will not be able to tell you about your pet’s whereabouts and that’s exactly what happened to Donna in this situation. Fast forward to about a week the GPS Tracker battery died (99% of GPS trackers only hold a charge for 7 days before needing to be re-charged).

“At this point, I started to panic since I pretty much assumed there was no way of getting her back. My daughter reminded me of a Secondary Tracker that she gave me for Christmas which I also attached to Macy collar but totally forgot that I did, It’s called the: Raven Gadgets Collar Tag Tracker.”

“Luckily the device still worked due to the 6-Month battery life. I just ran the app on my phone and bingo it pinpointed me exactly to the last known location of Macy’s whereabouts which blew my mind, MEXICO of all places?”

Out of disbelief, donna emailed the manufactures of the device “Raven Gadgets” to confirm that her cat was indeed in Mexico and they confirmed that was the case.

We decided to also contact Raven Gadgets ourselves to find out how can their device track Donna’s cat all the way from Mexico and the company spokesperson stated:

“It’s because our device uses a Bluetooth mesh network and NOT cell service, it means your pet can be tracked all over the world without any monthly fees! This also makes our device the ONLY tracker with nationwide coverage”

The photo above is the coverage map

So Donna had no choice but to hop on the first plane to Mexico with a friend since she did not speak any Spanish! The Raven Gadgets Pet Tracker led her to  Mexico City:

Photo was taken by Donna while she was in her cab arriving in Mexico City.

Once they arrived in Mexico City, the pet tracker lead them to a pet shelter and after talking to a few people at the shelter and showing them a photo of Macy they were able to reunite them.

“I broke down into tears when I finally saw her, she was so dirty but she was in good health. According to the people that worked at the shelter, someone found her in a freight container that was set to go to Mexico and that’s essentially how she ended up here.”

Photo of Macy after she was released from the shelter in Mexico City

We asked Donna what would she recommend people do to avoid the heartache she and her family went through and she said:

“Even if you already have a tracking device for your pet, it won’t hurt to have a back-up and I highly recommend you at least try the Raven Gadgets tracker. If not for this tracker and it’s unique way of tracking pets, I’m almost certain we would have not gotten Macy back. You won’t find any other tracker that can track internationally!”

How To Order The Raven Gadgets Pet Tracker

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to order Raven Gadgets Pet Tracker since they are usually out of stock especially during the holiday season. When speaking to Raven Gadgets company spokesperson they told me that they sell out every 2-3 day (which explains why they have over 458,000 users). So you have to keep checking their site to see when they become available. Click the green button below to check availability:

Check it now


  • Elizabeth Bergman
    Elizabeth Bergman says:

    This is truly amazing, I’m really glad that Macy & Donna are ok.

    I’ve been a huge fan of this device for over a year, the fact that it doesn’t have monthly fees is what sold me because I don’t have the funds to pay monthly for all 5 of my pets.

    Four those who aren’t aware, with normal pet trackers, you have to pay monthly (usually around $5 a month) but because I have 5 pets, I was paying $25 a month ($300 a year).

    This device ended up saving me A LOT of money and it was perfect for my pets since they don’t travel very far.

  • Eva J. Weller
    Eva J. Weller says:

    This is so heartbreaking, glad you got Macy back. I know if this happened to my cat she would be a goner.

    Mexico, of all places? Just WOW

  • Patricia Wilson
    Patricia Wilson says:

    Just checked their website, all sold out….Again 🙁

    I’m about to give up at this point!

  • Rosanne Perez
    Rosanne Perez says:

    Macy is adorable and reminds me of my cat Lucy. I wish I knew about this device, GPS trackers tend to be hit or miss which make sense as to have a backup unit.

    Unfortunately, my cat is long gone now, but maybe if I had this device I would have found her…

  • Melanie Lane
    Melanie Lane says:

    Been using this device for a little over a year and half and so far no complaints. Wish Donna & Macy the best.

  • Marla Pender
    Marla Pender says:

    As much as I love my cat, I’m sorry to say there is no way I am going to pick her up in Mexico LMAO…

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