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One of the most interesting areas of research in recent times is artificial research and computers. There has been increasing growth in the technology sector in past decades and the number of technology products in the homes of millions has also grown exponentially. Moving forward, many are questioning how areas of research such as A.I will affect humanity as a whole. Furthermore, as PCs become more and more integrated into the lives of billions, the effect this may have on human life is also being questioned.

Artificial intelligence is a step forward from traditional programming that is often encountered throughout computers. The use of AI involves creating processes that are independent of humans. This means that leading AI programs are able to learn and make decisions without the influence or pre-programming of humans. This means that there is a possibility of acumen life forms to be created by humans, such as the robots that we are all very familiar with in movies.

However, it’s important to understand that the prospect of a robot with human capabilities in regard to thought and learning is still a long way away from becoming a reality. Although there have been a lot of breakthroughs in recent years regarding robots and the manufactured intelligence that is often created for them, an autonomous human-like robot is projected not to become a reality for at least another few decades.

Even though human-like robots may not be coming for a little while, other manifestations of AI and computers have made huge impacts on the world already. One particular area that has been increasingly disrupted through AI is that of the financial markets. Today, there are quite a few large hedge funds that utilize completely technical strategies that involve manufactured intelligence and machine learning. These hedge funds are able to predict certain outcomes in the financial markets and allow for their investors to enjoy increased return because of it.

The emergence of machine learning has allowed many large financial institutions to try out ways of predicting market outcomes outside of traditional means. Traditionally, many firms would look to theorize as to what will happen to the market from a largely qualitative point of view. However, thanks to technological developments, there have been many financial professionals that have looked towards algorithms and machines to dictate what may or may not happen in the markets in the future.

The algorithms that are being used by financial firms often look at millions upon millions of gigabits of data in a short amount of time. Once the data is analyzed, the algorithms are able to make assertions about what is likely to happen following certain trends in the share market. The ability of these algorithms to process information will be hundreds and hundreds of times that of an average human. Thus, making machine learning processes a huge disruptor to the investing community as a whole. Many large banking institutions are now placing more investment in areas of AI in order to stay up to date with these developments.

With the above being said, there is still much room for improvement when it comes to manufactured intel and the markets. Unlike humans, these algorithms usually don’t have the nuances of human logic to be able to differentiate useless info from useful info. This often leads to algorithm projections that are based on junk information, leading to wrong predictions.

Overall, artificial intell and computers are disrupting and changing the face of many industries around the world. It’s certainly fascinating to see what the future holds for these areas, being able to see just how much of an impact technology will ultimately have on our lives.

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