Tips On Extending The Life Of Your XP Computer

If you’re still using Windows XP then you need to follow these Windows XP Tips, I’m not going to waste your time telling you about the security risks since you’ve no doubt been told a hundred times already. Microsoft stopped updating the program years ago even though millions of people worldwide were still happily using it on a daily basis. At the time they gave up support, it was still the second most installed operating system on earth, right behind Windows 7. Still, it was getting harder for them to continue keeping it up to date, but you can’t help but wonder if they could have added a few more years, oh well.

You Should Disconnect Your PC From The Internet

OK, that sounds a little extreme since that might be how you use it every single day. But since it’s now more vulnerable than ever to hacking, that would be the number one way that you could continue to use it almost indefinitely. If that’s not an option for you, then you should instead, try to limit your risk by only being connected to the internet while your actually using the internet. Most hackers are hoping to catch your pc online and unattended so they can take their time looking around in all of your files, emails, and anything else they can exploit.

Another thing that’s almost as important is to take all of your important data, that would include banking information, identity information, and anything else that could be used to steal your identity and copy it onto a flash drive then put the drive in a drawer. After that, completely erase all of the important data from your hard drive that any hacker would want to use to get into your bank account, credit card accounts, Social Security accounts, and anything related. As long as it’s copied onto a flash drive and the drive isn’t plugged into your computer, it’s completely safe.

Get The Best Virus Protection You Can

Keep your computerpc protected from viruses and online attacks using the best software you can afford. Run your software frequently to make sure you don’t have anything living on your hard drive that’s stealing data. Also, make sure you have your firewall up and running at all times. This is what stops hackers from immediately gaining access to your computer while you’re online.

You can also get many virus protection programs that have extensions that work similar to an extra firewall. Some of these extras you’ll have to pay a nominal fee to have extended past the free program that you’re using. This is a small price to pay for having at least some security blocking hackers.

There Are Also Shell Applications

There are several companies that make what is called a shell application that will install itself over your old Windows and protect it. There are several of these available, most of them are free. You can go online and look for an online forum with the search “extending the life of your windows, forum” and there you can read about the various things that people just like your are doing to wring more life out of their computers.

Now that you know that there are millions of people in the same boat as you, trying to extend the life of their Windows computer. All you have to do is find them online in a forum to get all kinds of good advice and solutions to your problem.

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